British Trainers Why volunteer abroad?

Are you considering teaching English as a foreign language abroad? Teaching English as a foreign language in another country is an extremely rewarding and unique experience, especially if you are a student or a graduate looking for ways to improve your resume while you think about your next career step.

Why volunteer for a trainer position with English INAction Summer CAMP in Romania?

You come into contact with a different culture, make new friends, try new foods, learn about traditions and people
Travel to new and exciting places, explore, and make new memories
Experience what learning English as a foreign language means for non native speakers by teaching it through games, conversations, drama, singing etc.
Gain international work experience for your resume, that will prove your initiative, your ability to adapt to new environments and to take on new challenges

Teaching English abroad allows you to enjoy an amazing adventure, while adding relevant insights to your resume about you as a person and your overall professional experience.

About our English Summer Camp:

This English summer camp has been organized for 18 years in different locations and it is very popular among Romanian pupils.

The British trainers/volunteers are expected to teach English through games, drama and other fun activities to the pupils (aged between 7 and 16). However, it is not the trainer’s responsibility to look after the children outside daily activities. There will be teachers to do that.

The timetable is very flexible and it is always planned and discussed with the trainers in advance. We are dedicated to making the trainers’ stay in Romania a memorable one. Organizers and other teachers are there to help all the time. We think that there is no right or wrong way to teach and we believe that each British trainer brings his or her own style and ideas. If a trainer ever becomes stuck for ideas or just needs a little support, the camp organizers are always there to help and offer guidance.

A typical day for a trainer begins with morning lessons, lunch break, afternoon activities: hiking and trips /workshops and evening activities: disco, karaoke, contests (trainers are expected to attend these activities alongside the children). The activities reserved for afternoons and extra time are varied and depend on the trainers. If they have any interests or hobbies that could be transformed into workshops then we would encourage trainers to be creative.

What we offer:

Free full room and board: quality accommodation and meals with vegetarian catering too;
Free transfers from and to airport in Romania;
Free trips to historical sites and landmarks (transport, entry and meals);
Free Internet access included;
Free 24 hours medical care (doctor and nurse);
– Weekly allowance;
– Certificate of Participation issued by the Romanian Ministry of Education.

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„This summer, like last, I went to Romania to teach English. Those who know me will know that teaching English as a foreign language is my dream career, and thanks to taking my TEFL course (at TEFL Org UK) I have been able to do this. Last year I applied for a teaching position in Romania from the TELF Org UK job site, and this year I was lucky enough to be asked back again. The place that I stayed in Romania, is a beautiful city called Brasov, which is located in Transylvania. It is home to beautiful hills, mountains and of course Dracula – or his castle anyway!”

Louise Alexandria,

„After months of preparing lesson plans and making travel arrangements, we arrived in late June 2013. We were greeted at the airport by our boss for the next four weeks, English teacher Ina Dorneanu. She had 15 years experience in education, and became a really close friend in a very short time. She made us feel like we were not only part of her family, but also part of her country.
I thought I was well informed and prepared after reading a variety of travel blogs, tourist guides and websites, most of which are filled with horror stories that are almost always unfounded, but living and working with Ina gave me a new perspective on Romania, and the significant progress that has been made there in the past 25 years, because of inspiring people like her.”

Alexandra Guy,

„During my time at English Summer Camp, everything was extremely well organised, well structured and well prepared. I felt I was able to teach English, in a fun and relaxed environment without it feeling like school. The days were structured really well, with short breaks between the three morning sessions and a break in the afternoon before the group activity in the afternoon. The camp had good facilities for each different group so we were able to do sessions with our own group or joined with another.”

Lois M.